Julian Karikalan

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The Storyteller

Julian Karikalan is an award-winning, Indian-born Australian filmmaker based in Sydney, Australia.


"Let's Go Below The Rainbow" is his second microbudget filmmaking expedition. He completed the whole feature film as a 'One-Person Crew' taking care of every aspect of the filmmaking process from script to screen, making him the sole crew member in this feature film. The cast took care of their own hair and makeup though.


His first feature film, "Love and Love Only", is available worldwide on various platforms, including Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Tubi and Plex.


The Team


PJ Dale


Rushi Dave

Rushi Dave

as Louise

Phillyda Murphy

as Meaghan

Rod Power

Komal Khubani

as Dr. Abraham

as Anita

Rushi Dave

as Anita's Dad

Shikha Arora

as Anita's Mum

Bronte Tonks

as Emy

Matt Gardener

as Matt

Janette Hancock

as Louise's Mum

Live Q&A

Screen the film followed by
a virtual live stream Q&A with filmmaker Julian Karikalan

to hear more about his

One-Person Crew approach.